No servers when inviting Bots

When inviting a bot, your dropdown box may be empty, like the following image:

An empty Discord dropdown box

This can mean one of many things:

There are no other reasons why this error occurs.

"But I am an owner - Look I have a role!"

Please ask the person with the crown icon to follow the Fixing Permissions step.
The user with the crown is the actual owner.


Fixing permissions

Please contact your server administrator for permission.

The server administrator will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Enable the "Manage Server" permission
  2. A video toggling the "Manage Server" permission
  3. Give a user the role which you enabled "Manage Server" on
  4. A video giving a role to a user

Switching accounts

  1. Log out, by navigating to
  2. Open Discord
  3. Click user settings, and log out
  4. Log back in, and go back to the bot you were trying to add
  5. A video of a user logging off